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Partner Shopify Integration

Please go to your seller dashboard and select seller sync app configuration under configuration. 



To make the product sync features work, the seller firstly needs to create a custom app on their Shopify store.

Step 1: The seller needs to log in to their Shopify account and create a custom app from the “apps” section.

Step 2: Click on “create an app” and enter the name of the app.

After entering the name of the app, click on “Create app”.

Step 3: After creating the custom app, now the seller needs to configure Admin APIs by clicking on “configure Admin API scopes”.

Now, the seller needs to provide the required permission for the custom app.


Here are the required permissions for the custom seller app:

Assigned fulfillment orders (Read and write)
# read_orders, write_orders

Fulfillment services (Read and write)
# read_fulfillments, write_fulfillments

Inventory (Read and write)
# read_inventory, write_inventory

Locations (Read Access)
# read_locations

Order Editing (Read and write)
# read_orders, write_orders
Allow this permission if you want to sync the order details with the seller store once edited on the merchant’s store, else don’t allow it.

Orders (Read and write)
# read_orders, write_orders

Products (Read and write)
# read_products, write_products

After providing the required permission, click on save.

Once, the permissions are saved, the seller will get an option to install the custom app.

The seller needs to install the app by clicking on the “install app” button.

Step 4: After installing the app, the seller will get the access token, API key, and secret key.

Now, the seller needs to copy the access token, API key, and secret key and paste them into the “seller sync app configuration” on their Multi-vendor seller panel

Enter the access token, API key, and secret key >> save.

After saving the details, the seller can now start with importing the products.